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Our Fayetteville NC Septic Tank Excavation Process

If you’ve scheduled, or are about to schedule, a septic tank removal from Eastern Septic & Inspection, you may be wondering about how the process works. Below you can find detailed information on how we excavate, remove, and dispose of a broken or unused septic tank. 

Obtain Proper Permits

Most homeowners forget about this part of the process. Yes, most municipalities require proper permitting before construction of this nature can begin. Skipping this step means facing fines and litigation, especially if something goes wrong. Luckily, our septic tank contractors know what to expect and will secure all the necessary documents for you before starting.   

Locate the Septic Tank 

Locating the septic tank is typically very easy for us because we have located so many. However, if the tank proves difficult to find by sight, we are able to locate it on property records or even by asking neighbors (though this is usually unnecessary.) 

Remove the Septic Tank Lid

Why is this its own step? Because septic tank lids are usually too heavy for humans to lift on their own. We use an excavator to get the job done. 

Pump Out Residual Waste

If there is any waste still in the tank, we will need to pump it out before we can remove it. Septic tank pumping must always be performed by a licensed professional who can dispose of the waste materials safely and legally.


Now, it’s finally time to get digging! We will again use our backhoe excavator to dig down around all four sides of the tank. Our backhoe operators must be very cautious when digging around the inlet and outlet pipes to avoid breakage. Once the digging is complete, we cut both pipes far away from the tank, and immediately cap them prevent any wastewater remaining in the lines from draining into the hole where we will be working. 

Add Chains and Pull 

Lastly, we feed chains through inlet holes in the tank, bring them up over it, and secure them to the backhoe bucket. Once the chains are secure, the backhoe operator lifts the tank out of the hole. 

Since the empty hole is dangerous, we backfill it immediately unless there is a good reason for leaving it open. If we are asked to leave it open, we will rope off the perimeter to prevent anyone from accidentally falling in.

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