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Our Fayetteville Septic Contractor Explains When It’s Time For A Septic Tank Removal

Cars, cell phones, washing machines: sadly, everything must break sooner or later. Your septic system is no different! Although a septic system can be kept running for around 25 years with regular maintenance and repairs, there will come a time where it’s cheaper to replace it than keep patching it up. It’s usually a lot safer, too—considering that septic tanks store raw sewage, you really don’t want to run the risk of a broken septic tank collapsing one day. Below are some signs that your septic tank is ready to go to the big landfill in the sky. 

Frequent Backups 

Toilets that flush very slowly and sinks that won’t drain are nothing to worry about, provided they happen once or twice a year. But if you’re experiencing consistent backups in a 6-month period, your septic system needs to either be pumped, or replaced. 

Persistent Bad Odors 

Frequent backups go hand-in-hand with bad odors. That’s because when a septic tank is too full, the gases will travel through your drains, toilets, and drain field. Again, you’ll need to get your tank pumped. But if the odor keeps coming back, your septic system might be on its way out.

Standing Water 

If your septic system can’t get rid of water as it should, you might find puddles around your property. You should be especially concerned if there is standing water on or around your drainfield; this is a tell-tale sign that your septic system is unable to do its job and needs to be inspected. 

Unusually Lush Grass

The grass is always greener by the septic tank. That is, if the septic tank is leaking—when the tank is in good working order, the surrounding grass should be indistinguishable from the rest of the lawn. If the grass around your drainfield is lush and green, excess wastewater might be “fertilizing” it.  

Still Not Sure? Talk to The Experts at Eastern Septic & Inspection 

If you’re still unsure whether or not you need a septic tank removal, call the experts at Eastern Septic. Our team can perform a comprehensive septic inspection and determine which issues, if any, need to be fixed. If your septic tank is too old, we can perform your septic tank removal and replacement. Lastly, we’ll help you stay on top of repair and routine maintenance so you don’t have to play any guessing games in the future. Fill out our form today for a free estimate

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